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"Somebody I Love Is In Jail"

The children we see during visitation often ask questions about what their parent is doing while in jail. We champtioned their cause, asked their questions and got them answers. The questions were asked repeatedly. So a book was crafted to give to the children to allay fears, address questions and help keep the focus off their parent and on academics.


Through our partnership with the Dawson County Sheriff's Office, in Dawsonville, Georgia, we were able to provide answers to the children about life behind bars. The result is "Somebody I Love Is In Jail," an informative booklet that has been been approved by judges, social workers, CASAs, law enforcement and yes--children!  

The booklet is available free of charge to law enforcement--we just ask for a donation toward shipping charges. Simply let us know how we can support you by using the CONTACT page of our website.

"Somebody I Love Is In Jail" was made possible by Dawson County Sheriff Jeff Johnson and staff along with the children visiting the jails in Dawson County and Forsyth County, Georgia. It was funded by a grant from The Pollination Project.

We have had a program in Dawson County for five years and have served hundreds of children. The facility was the second to offer our program; it is a partnership of which we are very proud.

About Isabelle

​Named after the daughter of Irish immigrants, Isabelle's Book Club is designed to strengthen communities by increasing graduation rates, lower crime rates, and increasing the potential of employment simply through the enjoyment of reading.


Isabelle shared her love of reading with family members by giving books as a Christmas tradition and encouraging family members to read them. Generations have continued the book-giving tradition and share her love of reading.


She has earned two college degrees and continues her love of learning in her nineties. The organization was given her name as a tribute to the much loved aunt and to further her legacy of readers.

Meet Page

The owl is our mascot. There was a contest to give the owl a name and the winner was Page. We think it's a fitting name for a book club owl, don't you? Thanks to all who voted and to Damacio Page who tweeted our contest. Follow him at https://twitter.com/damaciopage and https://www.instagram.com/damaciopage/


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